Oleh: zanifebriyan | Agustus 15, 2008


I to come in jambi city at juni 27, 2007 year ago, I take place live in jambi city because I think Jambi city more pleasant than, I live to palembang, I like jambi city because in jambi city cool climate, place tour in jambi city a nature and that’s goods like in enshrine takus, jambi water park, mountain kerinci, berhala island, and Auduri bridge II. I like Jambi even if because filet food as Tempoyak, kopi AAA and tekwan, the people in jambi city friendly to me, girl in jambi city the sweet, pretty, beautiful, well executed, and friendly. I like go shopping in jambi city in trona, wtc, mol kapuk, and angso duo. Maybe I happiness stay and on vacation in jambi city cause all.


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